Soccer fans rally behind plan to bring pro team to San Diego

SAN DIEGO- Fans and local investors will meet Monday to urge Major League Soccer to bring a team to San Diego.

Last week FS investors unveiled a proposal to purchase Qualcomm stadium, knock it down, and build a  new  $200 million stadium in its place. The new stadium would be used by a MLS team as well San Diego State’s football team. The  plan also includes space for a larger facility if the Chargers come back  or another NFL franchise moves to San Diego; as well as park space and an area for housing.

FS investors plan to apply for a MLS franchise at the end of the month and start a petition drive asking the city to support the project. Fans are excited because unlike other plans to redevelop Quallcomm this plan is investor financed. “We don’t have to pay taxes to cover fees. We don’t have millionaire owners that are asking for money from the public to make it happen. We have people who are actually listening to the people of sd to make it happen and develop a plan around that.”, says soccer fan Daryl Biggs.

MLS is planning to expand the league this fall. According to the fan group “MLS to SD” San Diego is one of 11 cities competing for a franchise.

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Published at Mon, 30 Jan 2017 17:20:57 +0000