Med students learn the pains of aging

Watching two first-year med students hobble down the hallway at UC San Diego School of Medicine last week, Dr. Roopali Gupta yelled a little friendly advice.

“Don’t turn away a patient if they’re five minutes late. Now you can feel what they’re going through getting to an appointment,” Gupta quipped.

The limps came from sticks strapped to healthy knees, simulating the stiffness of aging joints, and from corn kernels stuck in shoes to mimic a foot problem like bunions or nerve numbness.

The students were participating in the school’s aging simulation exercise, developed to deepen their understanding of aging beyond what they can learn by reading a textbook or sitting through a lecture. This was the fourth class to try the program and the first time the public got to observe.


Published at Tue, 31 Jan 2017 16:25:00 +0000