March for Protection of Women's Rights Planned for Saturday

Tens of thousands across the country will march in solidarity with the Woman’s March in Washington on Saturday, including thousands in San Diego.

“People who are privileged need to speak up for those who aren’t,” said volunteer Wendy Wheatcroft.

Wheatcroft and dozens others spent Thursday afternoon making signs in preparation of Saturday’s march at the Planned Parenthood in Mission Valley.

“We’re part of a huge group of people marching for the protection of women’s rights,” said march organizer, Sarah Shaftel. “It’s a beautiful thing.”

The timing is purposeful too. This march is the day after inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

“We’re all kind of burned out on politics. but the reality is the reality. And we have a new administration,” said Peter Bolland.

He was the lone male at Thursday’s gathering. Bolland’s day job is college professor and this will be his first time participating in a march of any kind.

“We feel like the real America isn’t being represented right now,” he said, sharing the reason for his participation.

Shaftel said she hopes Saturday’s action sparks something bigger.

“What I hope comes of this is that people get ignited and start taking action. It is not time to sit back and watch and see. We have done that for too long and I think it was a mistake,” she said.

The organizers have been working closely with the San Diego Police Department and both sides expect a peaceful day.

The police department will set up a command post and is prepared for changes based on weather during the weekend.