33 Percent of San Diegans Struggle to Make a Living: Report

More than one million people in San Diego County struggle to make a living, according to a report released by the Center on Policy Initiatives.

The report states that the income for 33 percent of working age families in San Diego is not enough to cover basic living expenses, calculated to be approximately $28,000 for a single adult.

As the size of the family grows, the cost of living rises but the income usually stays the same.

According to the report, Latino and Blacks living in San Diego County tended to fall short on living expenses, with Latinos more than twice as likely to have incomes below the poverty line compared to White families.

The report also found that women earned 74 cents for every dollar that men earn in the county, across all industries. The gender pay gap was also larger in tourism and service industries.

But in construction, women usually earned more than men, although the industry employed more males.

You can view the full report here.