Note Investment Capital has updated their website to make it compliant with the new Google friendly guidelines. Google announced that on April 21, 2015, websites that were not mobile friendly would be penalized in the mobile search results. Note Investments Capital’s website will now meet Google’s requirements.

Note Investment Capital (N.I.C.), is a San Diego, CA based company that buys private promissory notes, mortgages, trust deeds and land contracts across the United States. N.I.C. buys notes several ways. They can buy the whole note, partial note, or in installments. Promissory notes are promises to pay a sum of money to another under specific terms. These notes can exist for almost anything such as lottery winnings or annuities, but are more common for real estate.

Note Investment Capital made the changes not only to meet Google’s requirements but to meet the needs of customers using their mobile phones to browse the web. 50% or more of website visitors are now using their mobile phone to do just that. With mobile traffic increasing every year, a website that is mobile friendly is one which loads and displays correctly on a mobile device. This is also known as a mobile responsive website. Mobile responsive website scales the images, widths and positioning of items on a website.

The new changes on Note Investment Capitals website mean that customers can find information they need if they are looking to sell their note. Or, they can fill out the form to receive a free no obligation quote. People looking to sell their note usually need cash fast for whatever reason. Note Investments Capital can offer cash quickly for a note if the seller has all the paperwork required and payments are up to date.

“I want to make it as easy as possible for note sellers to contact us,” state Simon White, founder and President of Note Investment Capital, “ Finding, viewing, and contacting us via a mobile device will make things easier for all parties involved. I am pleased I have put together an experienced team that provides the highest customer service with the highest prices for notes anywhere.” Note Investment Capital is backed by a group of investors with the funds and decades of experience in the note and real estate investing world.

To speak with Simon White or to learn more about Note Investment Capital and to visit their new mobile friendly website, please go to: