Dr. Roger Sahoury, a chiropractor and wellness expert from Above and Beyond Holistic Wellness Center in Paramus NJ, has been in practice for over a dozen years. In this CBS News interview with Andrea Grymes, he discusses some natural approaches to allergy relief. Watch the interview to learn more about the natural alternatives, that may just provide that natural relief people are looking for.

Dr. Roger Sahoury specialize in providing safe, scientific and successful care and lifestyle recommendations to enhance the life and level of performance for his patients. Dr. Sahoury uses the most up to date tests and examinations to determine nerve function. This enables Dr. Sahoury to treat each patient as an individual. By correcting any problems within the spine and nervous system, Dr. Sahoury gets the body back into balance so that all systems within the body function optimally, ultimately removing interference which may be preventing the bodies immune system from functioning properly and may contribute to the allergies many suffer from. These tools enable Dr. Sahoury to identify possible issues even when at times no symptoms are present.

Anyone looking for a natural approach to health should consider getting a nervous system check. The testing is gentle, pain-free and suitable for all ages. Freeing blockages in the nervous system allows all systems in the body to function properly. Combining a healthy nervous system with good nutrition and lifestyle choices enables the body to work optimally and stay healthy.

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