Professionals Earn Easy Referral Income from their Web Site, Emails, and Client Contacts

Houston TX  – Nationwide Secured Capital (NSC) today announced the launch of its “WEBCash™” Partner program.  The program enables effortless referral fees paid to financial advisors, estate advisors, loan and title professionals, AND, in fact, ANY web site owner, or email newsletter owner who is in contact with the holders of secured loans, annuities, structured settlements, or unwanted life insurance policies. “WEBCash™” Partners receive CASH whenever NSC makes an investment based on their unique WEBCash™ Referral Link – whether purchased now, or in the Future.

“For many years, Nationwide Secured Capital (NSC) has been the leading Internet presence and buyer of note and other cash flow investments. We developed and use sophisticated proprietary technology to track submissions by 1) our active brokers who put considerable effort  and expense into the leads they bring us, and 2) referrals from a couple of select partners who simply bring us leads from their web sites,” said Gene Powers, founding principal of the company, ”  The WEBCash™ Partner program we are announcing today is based on the formalization of this sophisticated and our already proven referral and lead tracking program. Our “WEBCash™” Partner program is able to permanently track leads that a WEBCash™ Partner brings us – allowing us to pay a referral fee where due from a WEBCash™  Partner Lead – every time we close an investment – even YEARS after the referral lead came in. WEBCash™ Partners AUTOMATICALLY earn “mailbox money” income while they sleep, play, or do other work.”

Powers further stated,  “It’s a GREAT opportunity for our partners to provide service to their clients and make additional revenue at NO extra cost to their business.   We do all the work! We contact the automated lead and continue making followups indefinitely – just as we would on any lead we generate in our own marketing efforts. “

In response to the announcement of the “WEBCash™ Partner Program”, One of the a referral partnersl partners who has worked with Nationwide Secured Capital for years, commented, “”We chose to work with Nationwide Secured Capital due to the professionalism of the company, and their robust on-line lead handling systems.   We automatically receive an email showing the first contact made by every referral from our site to theirs –  and periodically we receive comprehensive detailed lead status reports.  Our leads are permanently tagged as ours in their database. We receive a check every time a loan is purchased from one of our leads – no effort!  no matter how old the lead was!”

The NSC WEBCash™ Partner Program Answers THE Question – “How can I create more income from my business activity with just the resources I have now?”

Using your WEBCash™ Partner affiliate link, you refer clients, readers of your newsletter, or web site to NSC – NSC they does the rest!

The NSC WEBCash™ Partner Program Answers THE Question – “How can I expand and improve the services and information to my clients without spending more on my business?”

The WEBCash™ Partner Program enables you to immediately add the the entire NSC staff, systems, and informational resources on cash flow investments to your client offerings-At virtually no cost!

For more information or to join the NSC WEBCash™ Partner Program: Simply go online to

About Nationwide Secured Capital

Nationwide Secured Capital (NSC) is a well established brokerage and investment firm specializing in purchase of real estate notes, annuities, and life insurance policy investments in all 50 States. NSC maintains offices in several locations across the U.S. to best serve its clients in all time zones and locations.

Nationwide Secured Capital enjoys an excellent reputation and track record in paying top of market prices for loans, annuities, and policies it purchases, and for closing a much higher percentage of the offers it has made – exactly as they were made.

NSC also established and runs the SMILE FUND ONE LLC investment fund for investors – registered with the SEC as an exempt offering, and provides acquisition and/or management services to other investment funds and investor portfolios.