New Options for Cash from Sale of Mortgage Notes Other Investors Won’t Buy

LAS VEGAS, NV – Nationwide Secured Capital (NSC) today announced the launch of its “We Buy MORE” program for note brokers and sellers of property with owner carry back loans. Announcement was made today at the Paper Source Note Symposium held annually in Las Vegas for the Cash Flow Investment Industry.

“For many years, Nationwide Secured Capital (NSC) has provided a wider range of cash options to sellers of real estate notes than other note investors,” said Gene Powers, founding principal of the company, “In 2015, we have greatly increased our investment capital and extended and formalized our buying program along with this announcement. Our “We Buy MORE” program is routinely able to provide cash out options to holders of loans that are not only the “Good”, but also the “not so Good”, and the “Ugly” – even the loans that other investors don’t want. We provide cash options on “underwater” loans, bad credit borrowers, land notes, rural notes, spotty pay history loans, and MORE…. wherever a good property secures the loan. Sellers can pull cash from their loans and Brokers can earn commissions on loans that can’t be sold to other investors or failed with other buyers!”

In response to the announcement of the “We Buy MORE program”, one Broker who has worked with Nationwide Secured Capital previously on sale of a client note commented, “Absolutely True! NSC does buy more! Our transaction went smoothly – NSC got it done! the other investor canceled because of low credit, no others were interested – but with NSC, I was able to provide cash out to my client and earned a commission instead of going home with nothing for all my work I had done with my client!.”

The NSC “We buy MORE” Program Answers THE Question – “How can I sell my Promissory Note when the borrower has credit below 600 level, or a bankruptcy or foreclosure on credit?”

NSC accepts all credit – including credit below 550 level.

The NSC “We buy MORE” Program Answers THE Question – “How can I sell my Promissory Note when the property value has dropped below the sale price?”

NSC accepts all equity – including negative equity, i.e. underwater loans.

Brokers and Noteholders can sell your mortgage note with the NSC “We Buy MORE” program: Simply go online to and use the Sell My Note – Free Quote tab.

About Nationwide Secured Capital

Nationwide Secured Capital (NSC) is a well established brokerage and investment firm specializing in purchase of real estate notes, annuities, and life insurance policy investments in all 50 States. NSC maintains offices in several locations across the U.S. to best serve its clients in all time zones and locations

Nationwide Secured Capital enjoys an excellent reputation and track record in paying top of market prices for loans, annuities, and policies it purchases, and for closing a much higher percentage of the offers it has made – exactly as they were made.

NSC established and runs the SMILE FUND ONE LLC investment fund for investors – registered with the SEC as an exempt offering, and provides acquisition and/or management services to other investment funds and investor portfolios.

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